Costing The Leg and The Arm (Bathroom Renovation Costing) Part 2

Mid- to Upper-Range Bathroom Renovation $10,000 to $20,000 What you might get: Better fixtures, like a toilet with better flushing capabilities or facets with better flow. Choice of laminate, higher quality in stone top… Continue reading

Is it Costing The Arm or Leg? (Bathroom Renovation Costing)

If you’re planning to renovate your bathroom, you want to update the look, increase resale value, and add functionality, amenities and storage or a combination of all or some of these below is… Continue reading

Shower Baths – When You Can’t Say No

  Shower baths are not everyone’s cup of tea (I’m trying to keep this on a liquid topic) but they have their advantages. In this post I will give you two examples on… Continue reading

The Strip

Features, Boarders, Trim, That Blingy Thing Whatever you call it if you have ever been involved in a bathroom renovation the decision will come up. In today’s article, we will just cover the… Continue reading

What A Waste

I know what you are thinking what a hilarious title! But where is he going with this, firstly thank you I do try but leading to the point of this post is an… Continue reading

Lit Up Like Vegas

Practical and Fun are not always in association with each other, it’s a bit like listening to Phil Collins then Metallica yes there both music but one you would take your kids to… Continue reading

Being On Top Of The….. Vanity

  It’s not life or death it’s much more serious than that. I am of course talking about the vanity top you should have for you shiny new bathroom. There’s typically three types… Continue reading

Black Is The New White

  Safe can be successful. In renovations big money is being spent so we all have a tendency to be safe in our design selections its only human nature to be so. My… Continue reading

As Clear As Glass

Nothing makes a room feel smaller than a chunk of chrome or stainless steel in your face as you walk in the door. Who knows why making shower screens look like something from… Continue reading

The Lighter The Bigger

   Honestly every man, women and rental owner tells me that they have a tiny bathroom. I hear it over and over again, the truth is the amount of light can make all… Continue reading