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6 Ways To Spot A Dodgy Bathroom Renovator

I have heard more horror stories about cowboy bathroom renovators then you could image. From lighting rooms on fire on the first day to tiles falling off the ceiling (yes the actual ceiling),… Continue reading

Mistakes To Avoid When Renovating

First things first I would like to say renovating your bathroom or bathrooms is a big investment in your property. The word that is key to that is “investment”. So its important to treat this… Continue reading

How Does Waterproofing Work

Most people who are new to renovating want to know how does the membrane work? How will this blue stuff stop my walls being damaged? Well on the ball are here to break… Continue reading

Is My Shower Leaking?

Almost 60% of bathroom renovations that we do in Perth are due to a issue with either rising dampness or leaks. It’s like a untreated disease that in time like all things left… Continue reading