Frameless Shower Screen – Pro’s and Con’s

The shower will most often be the biggest part of your room, now that’s not me saying we are all putting on too much weight (insert laughing) its more to do with the need of having adequate falls for drainage and comfortability. So with that in mind its important to pick the right shower screen to suit the look and effect your going for. For this article we are covering the pros and cons of frameless shower screen, fixed and complete.


Feeling of A Bigger Room

One of the most popular tricks to visually enlarge the size of the bathroom is the use of absolutely transparent walls of the shower. They often can create a clean, modern and sexy look in your bathroom. Depending on the design the screen maybe the first thing that hits your eyes so its important to see through not closing the room in.

Looks Modern

Frameless showers look modern, and sleek and add a light and airy look to the bathroom. People who opt for the design point out the elegant appearance and sleek and modern design.

Allows You To Show Off

Without anything impeding your view into the shower you can see the beautiful tiling or feature you have spent months agonising over.

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Easy Cleaning

The relatively easy maintenance is another of the advantages for choosing frameless shower screens. They do not have any tracks which means that there is no channel for mold to grow. The lack of metal frame also means that there is no risk of corrosion or rust. Frameless glass showers are made of thick 12mm toughen glass which makes them very durable.



One of the biggest cons is the possibility of leakage through the gap around the door as the frameless shower screens are installed directly to the wall with minimal hardware. In case that the glass for the frameless door is not precisely cut and installed, the door may not close perfectly.


A major drawback of frameless glass screens is the cost. The glass that is heavier and thicker than traditional shower doors which means it is more costly. Most frameless shower doors are custom made and there is additional labor to craft and install them. The extra labor costs also add to the price of the shower doors.

If you are comfortable with a little bit of water some times go with the frameless screen as they really do have a wow factor its only the almost double the cost factor that still i feel is too expensive

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