How Does Waterproofing Work

Most people who are new to renovating want to know how does the membrane work? How will this blue stuff stop my walls being damaged? Well on the ball are here to break it down for you

The waterproofing membrane is designed to catch & stop any water that penetrates through the surface of the shower tiles and grout lines.  It acts much like a bucket under your shower and will protect the surrounding areas of your dwelling from water damage.

The diagram below is the best example of how waterproofing membrane works. Represented as bold black the (sealant) can be seen as a type of shield for the concrete into the floor waste. This is why sealing around the drain is one of the most crucial parts of waterproofing. Make sure if you do it yourself or you hire someone to do it that they or you place high attention to this area as the majority of all the water will be forced to this one spot.


Waterproofing Shower Correctly

It’s important to note that every bathroom has a special way of waterproofing. This is true to the art of renovating old homes. Every home is different with some have high degrees of movement such as homes in hilly areas, fibro homes or even if you are creating a walk in the shower they are all different. Some may require three coats some may require breaking bond in the corners it really comes down to experience. In the next article, we will break down the different types of Australian standards for waterproofing you new bathroom layout

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