Monthly Archive: April, 2016

How To Pick The Right Size Floor Tile

One tricky question we often get asked is ‘What is the best size tile to use for a small bathroom?’ It is a question that is unique to every bathroom as they are all different and… Continue reading

What Is a Nib Wall?

Do you ever have that one spot between your shower screen and vanity that you can’t quite get too? For many of our clients, it can be the most frustrating part of their bathroom… Continue reading

Is My Shower Leaking?

Almost 60% of bathroom renovations that we do in Perth is due to an issue with either rising dampness or leaks. It’s like an untreated disease that in time like all things left… Continue reading

Bathroom Tiles But Which One?

These days the sheer number of available bathroom tiles in Perth can make choosing one a very daunting task. So we have created a quick guide on the differences in tiles. The most common… Continue reading

Is My Bathroom Too Modern?

This article is just a quick recap of the our bathroom at Hayward Road, Martin. Using ultra modern fitting and fixtures with a combination of metallic wall tiles and floor. The bathroom renovation… Continue reading

Sliding Shower Rail V Fixed Shower Head

The debate rages on and the decision is real. It’s one of the most heated decisions involved in the bathroom selection process believe it or not. Couples will often disagree on which they… Continue reading

Lighting It Up

Lighting in a bathroom can make or break the look and feel of the room. What type of lighting will you use? Where will you place the light? What type of fixtures and… Continue reading

Brick Fashion But Not Old Fashioned

Brick tiling is also known as offset pattern or running bond. Traditionally used by masons as an easy and strong pattern for building walls, offset tiles work best with rectangular tiles. Each line of… Continue reading