Bigger The Better (Tiles)

I have lost count the amount of times i have gone to a quote and the home owner is nervous or very unfamiliar with having large tiles in there bathroom. It not the end of the world problems but more they are just not familiarised with the concept. We are just comfortable with having what we have always had so change can be hard. In this article I will explain the benefits of having the larger tiles.

Larger Tiles Tend To Make A Small Room Appear Bigger

This simple truth can help anyone with a room which feels or looks too small to make it instantly look much larger than it really is.  This is such a popular trick because not only does it work really well but tradesman have got so much better in laying them.  It’s funny because many people don’t believe just how well this works until they see it.  This concept is effective because as our eyes see large tiles our brain automatically associates them with a large space in effect tricking it into thinking it is looking at a much larger area than it really is.

Quick Tips

  • To really get the most out of you larger tiles tile full height in smaller rooms with a gloss tile. The light will bounce around the room making it feel so much bigger.
  • 300mm x 600mm Wall Tiles are ideal and 300mm x 300mm for the floor as you do not want to give up any drainage
  • Tiling larger tiles is more difficult but in 2016 tilers should be adjusted to the more complicating laying
  • Rectified tiles will give you the minimalist amount of grout really capitalising on the larger tiles.
  • Make sure there is a grout similar to the tile you purchase its the thing you will see the most if the colour is any different to the base tile. We all see dirty grout when its discoloured. The below is example of how white grout become invisible

Below Is A Renovation In Canning Vale Showing The Use Of Larger Tiles and The Creation of Size

Don’t be afraid of the large tiles they will make that old dated, grout riddled room into something that’s modern, fresh and the easiest bathroom you will ever clean in your life. Yes they are more complicated to lay but the benefits you gain massively out way and con’s you may have. So get looking and immerse yourself in the new age bathroom renovations so when the time comes to renovate you can skip the reservations and get picking for the best bathroom possible

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