Build It and They Will Fill It – Shower Niche

Shower niches are more than they look. There are multiple decisions when trying to work out the best shower box/shelf for you. Whether you are wanting just a open box or a place to more shelving within a shelf we are here to help

The item it self has many names but for this article I will call it a shower box as that is what it is, a box space in the shower designed to filled.

Now the first style is the open box. Which allows for the greatest design features as nothing is complicating the look. With no Shelves you are limited by how high you can have the design. We recommend having it about 300mm high by 600mm wide. In renovations its alot more complicated to install the shower box as 1. it has to be the external wall and 2. there is a lot more prep work and a much higher degree of drying time for waterproofing that is required due to the openness of the design. This aside it can really add a wow factor to your bathroom done right and work well for someone who doesn’t like all that glass shelves or soap dishes.

Below is a design in a bathroom renovation in Maylands. The owners used a glass mosaic to give the box a eye popping design.

Bathroom Renovations Maylands 

The idea of adding the glass or stone shelf allows to maximise the storage of the box. Look at the image below you can see straight away that you can fit almost 3 times more but the real benefit especially if you have kids or a partner is you can separate all your items. It will need to be higher but that’s not a draw back as with out the shelves are longer any ways. The real debate is do you like the glass look or did you want stone shelves for the classier look i wouldn’t recommend adding a feature behind the shelves as you are just over complicating a space that already has a lot going on

Bathroom Renovations Thornlie

Tip: Always make the shower box a feature. Even if you just place the floor tile at the back of the box. It’s such a waste to not make something unique especially in older homes into a feature for everyone to enjoy

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