4 Benefits Of Mixer Taps

Now why do I need a mixer tap you ask well its not because you are lazy or is it? only joking but below are 4 real reasons on why you should move towards the one lever then two!

The traditional way of filling a bath/shower or pouring water into a sink involves two taps. One is connected to the hot water supply and the other to the cold water supply. In a mixer tap, you still draw from the hot and cold sources but these are combined into a single flow and come out of a single spout.

  1. Style

Now so many people prefer the sleek look of a mixer tap its not only slim line but visually quite stunning. There is a pretty endless range of styles depending on your budget or current layout of the upcoming renovation. Handles can too vary, from traditional rotating handles to levers that lifted up and down to control the flow. Below are two classic designs we use one modern one classic.

  1. Versatility

Mixer taps can work equally well on a bath or a bathroom basin. You could even mix or match, with a mixer tap on the bath and separate hot and cold taps on the basin. They are perfect for a shower bath. The mixer diverter allows you to access the shower head with just the push or pull of a button but if you are wanting to use the bath spout you can pull the button and like magic you are only using the spout. Did someone say wow!


  1. Control

We all have that one relative that just cant operate the taps when they come to stay. So if you are trying to stop your distant family burning themselves by turning the tap too hard the Wall Mixer is perfect for you. It allows nice and easy mixtures of hot/cold water making achieving the perfect heat so much easier for you and you family.


Mixer taps are generally fitted with a flow limiter as this helps prevent too much water being taken from the hot and cold pipes at once. In practical terms you are likely to use less hot water when mixing it into a single flow, which is good for both your energy bills and the environment.

Now with mixer taps especially internal wall mixer it  will cost more money to install as you need to remove the old tap sets and braise in new wall mixers. They are well worth the money if it suits your lifestyle.

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