Black Is The New White



Safe can be successful. In renovations big money is being spent so we all have a tendency to be safe in our design selections its only human nature to be so. My job is get the most out of your wishes. The mother of all neutral shades are the black and white combinations. The white walls infused with a dark black floor create a canvas that can incorporate any colour towels to bring something to the room. Always remember you can change your towels not your tiles. No one will ever walk in the room and go “wow” that’s different and i mean that in the best way, if your planning to sell the home  or your colour scheme in your house goes well with it id always recommend it as you know exactly what it’s going to like.

*If you can buy a gloss black floor that has a rough surface it can create a really exciting looking floor

The items included in this room

Completion Time – 7 Working Days

Items – The items I have included are a

Vanity – 1800mm Custom Made – Black Granite Top, Two Semi Recessed Bowls

Shower – 2000mm x 2000mm Semi Frameless Screen – Wall To Wall

Wall Mixer – Evilino Wall Mixer 

Shower Head –  Square Luxe Head

Tiles – Blink Black 300 x 300 Gloss White 300 x 600

Boarder – King Kong Black 315mm x 315mm 

Mirror – Double Bevelled 750mm x 900mm

Window – Glass Block Window 1500mm x 1500mm


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