Disabled Friendly Bathrooms

    Sometimes renovations aren’t for making your bathroom ascetically pleasing . Sometimes we renovate to make our lives easier. The owner of this property in Jilakin loop, Canning Vale had suffered back problems her whole life but recently her condition had become so much worse. Unable to get in and out of her spa/shower bath without excruciating pain she needed a alternative and fast. She called us and we were to the rescue so to speak, By making the shower area flat with the floor and with open screens it enabled her to walk straight in and straight out. Its not as simple to make a flat floor in shower area it takes plannings and great execution because you can not have water running out so steps are are taken . Below is her response to her bathroom being posted on our Facebook page. My number 1 tip for renovators planning on living in the property is make your bathroom more functional make your life better its the first place you go in the mornings so why not have it bring a smile to your face.

Thanks guys…. You did a magnificent job… I love love love my new bathroom, when I think what it was like before with that horrid spa I cringe and cry…. This transformation is better than I hoped for and just what the doctor ordered for my back! We’ll definitely be using your services again. Again big thanks to Shane/James and all the boys for your excellent service. Cheers Denise

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Layout – The Original layout of this room 2002 Canning Vale Ensuite, A massive spa bath/shower toilet and small vanity. As previous mention the client wanted to achieve a better functionality with her room. So we removed the spa and leveled out the floor. She wanted a 2 panel open shower which isn’t a issue but it needs to have a floor prepared in a way where it all falls towards to a back drain. For this we had to install a strip drain at the back of the shower by moving the waste pipe from the middle to the wall. It works as a ramp and allows for larger tiles as well . Once the fall was done correctly we made the vanity a wall hung to create a open floor and the illusion of space.

Completion Time – 6 Working Days

Items – The items I have included are a

Vanity – 1200mm Stone Crema  Sealed Top – With four Set Of Draws and Top Mounted Ceramic Bowl off centered

Shower – Two Times Frameless Fixed Panel Mirage Screens

Mixer – Evillio Round Mixer Wall and Sprite Tower Mixer

Shower Head –  Decor Round Fixed

Mirrors – Single Bevelled 1200mm x 750mm

Tiles –Wall – Crema Ivory 300mmx600mm Rectified Laid At 1.5mm, Floor – Tobacco  300mmx300mm

Boarder – Travertine Bubbles 100mm x 300mm Laid 2.4L/M

Toilet – Monza Back To The Wall